Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I have a profile in the database?

Swimmer profiles are automatically created for each swimmer with three or more documented swims in included events.

How do I add a swim to my profile?

Please note: Whenever possible, it is more efficient for us to import complete event results in one fell swoop, rather than ad-hoc results for a single individual. If you wish to add a result just for you, please join as a MSF premium member.

  • For sanctioned solo swims: please send proof of ratification, such as a list on the sanction organization's website.
  • For organized races: please send official race results (preferably a public web link, but PDF/XLS documents also acceptable).

Results must include:

  • specific start and finish locations (preferably with latitude/longitude coordinates)
  • year, month, and day of swim
  • elapsed time of finishers in hours and minutes (and preferably seconds)
  • if wetsuits or other assistive equipment are allowed in the event, the results must clearly distinguish between unassisted and assisted finishers.

For independent solo swims: please submit minimal documentation including:

  • specific start and finish locations (preferably with latitude/longitude coordinates)
  • date, time, and time zone of start and finish
  • basic biographical details of swimmer
  • rules and equipment used
  • summary of conditions
  • name and contact info of independent witness

Contact us to submit results.

I found an error in the database. How do I correct it?

Please contact us.

How do I contact you?

longswims [at] marathonswimmers [dot] org