Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a bay of the Pacific Ocean along the central coast of California. The 25-mile width of the bay (between Santa Cruz and the Monterey peninsula) was first swum by Cindy Cleveland in 1980. In 2014, Patti Bauernfeind and Kim Rutherford completed the second and third trans-Monterey Bay swims; both were documented and ratified through MSF Documented Swims. Rutherford was the first to swim in the south-to-north direction.

The Monterey Bay Swimming Association (MBSA) was formed in 2015 to sanction and help organize marathon swims in Monterey Bay.

Route Swims First Fastest
Santa Cruz to Pacific Grove 1 Cindy Cleveland - 1980 Cindy Cleveland - 15:21:00 (1980)
Santa Cruz to Monterey 3 Patti Bauernfeind - 2014 Patti Bauernfeind - 13:00:00 (2014)
Monterey to Santa Cruz 1 Kimberly Rutherford - 2014 Kimberly Rutherford - 22:06:00 (2014)

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Monterey Bay route
Date Name Gender Age Nation Route Km Time
1980 Sep NA Cindy Cleveland F Santa Cruz to Pacific Grove 37.3 15:21:00
2014 Aug 26 Patti Bauernfeind F 47 Santa Cruz to Monterey 40.3 13:00:00
2014 Sep 6 Kimberly Rutherford F 55 Monterey to Santa Cruz 40.3 22:06:00
2017 Sep 23 Amy Appelhans Gubser F 49 Santa Cruz to Monterey 40.3 17:49:05
2019 Jun 5 John Zemaitis M 36 Santa Cruz to Monterey 40.3 17:32:51

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