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The Catalina Channel (technically San Pedro Channel) lies between the Southern California mainland and Santa Catalina Island. The standard route is 20 miles between Doctor's Cove, Catalina Island, and Point Vicente on the mainland. George Young completed the first successful solo swim in January 1927. Solo and relay swims have been sanctioned by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation since 1981.

Route Swims First Fastest
Catalina Island to Mainland 488 George Young - 1927 Grace van der Byl - 07:27:25 (2012)
Mainland to Catalina Island 45 Jose Cortinas - 1953 Penny Lee Dean - 07:15:55 (1976)
Mainland to Catalina Island to Mainland 6 Cindy Cleveland - 1977 John York - 16:42:00 (1978)
Catalina Island to Mainland to Catalina 3 Greta Andersen - 1958 Penny Lee Dean - 20:03:17 (1977)

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