Candlestick Swim (SERC)

The Candlestick Swim a 10-mile (16.1-km) swim in San Francisco Bay, organized annually by the South End Rowing Club. Swimmers start on a beach in Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, near the former stadium, then swim north, under the Bay Bridge, and west to Aquatic Park, finishing at the SERC beach.

The only year for which we have reliable results is 2013. The quality of record-keeping for SERC swims depends on the swim director, and often fails to note swim aids and repositioning. Per the policy of this database, only clearly categorized results are eligible for display. If you have access to additional results, please contact us.

Route Swims Fastest
Candlestick Point to Aquatic Park 8 Jim Sweeney - 02:37:00 (2013)

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Candlestick Swim (SERC) route

2013 Jul 27

Candlestick Point to Aquatic Park (16.9 km)

Candlestick Swim (SERC) results - 2013
Place Name Gender Age Nation Time
1 Jim Sweeney M 02:37:00
2 Darrin Connolly M 42-43 02:46:00
3 Randy Brown M 02:56:00
3 Gabor Lengyel M 50-51 02:56:00
5 Cathy Delneo F 37 02:58:00
6 Dan Nadaner M 63-64 03:02:00
7 Chas DeFerrari M 03:22:00
8 Stephanie Duhau F 03:58:00
DNF: 1 (11%)

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