Updating LongSwimsDB

LongSwimsDB aims to provide accurate and comprehensive data from the world's major open water marathon swims. We will continue to add authenticated results as they become available, and at our discretion.

Data Uploads

Some users may wish to add additional results to their Swimmer Profile, beyond the events we currently cover. For example: swims shorter than 10km, or relays (which we do not cover by default). We offer the following options for adding data to your profile:

  • One-time data upload - 1-5 items (swim results, awards, and leadership roles).
  • One-time data upload - 6 or more items.
  • 1-year membership with unlimited uploads. Includes ability to add arbitrary content to your profile (e.g., information about coaching services offered).

The only limitations are that "items" should be open-water swimming relevant, and swim results should have some form of supporting documentation (e.g., a race results listing).

Choose an option to pay via credit card or PayPal account:



Corrections are appreciated, and are always free of charge.